Enabling the future of
subsea connectivity.

Put simply, wireless underwater communications is difficult. Acoubit enables energy-efficient and flexible underwater connectivity with our disruptive low-power integrated systems and patent-pending intelligent signaling. Sign up below to be informed when Acoubit launches in 2019.

Connecting the next generation
of underwater assets.

Acoubit specializes in providing customers with the enabling communication technology for the future of subsea connectivity where conventional communications technologies such as Wi-Fi and GPS cannot be used.

Our approach is to completely overhaul traditional underwater communications methodologies and advance acoustic communications towards the higher reliability and data rates needed for future underwater networked applications and deployments.

This will be done by developing a new generation of innovative acoustic data communications modems for underwater applications which are affordable, scalable, and flexible to meet the many different customer application requirements presented in the ocean management, surveillance, research, protection and monitoring industry.

Subsea AI

A flexible platform for networking underwater assets that adapts to variable conditions and optimizes data transmission with artificial intelligence powered by Acoubit breakthroughs.

Low Power

Our compact integrated systems are power conscience by default, helping to extend deployment duration of autonomous underwater vehicles and comms-enabled subsea assets.

Persistent Performance

Acoubit enables reliable underwater communications regardless of sea state, allowing partners to transmit data in harsh conditions that have previously been unattainable.

Swarm Effect

Our advanced acoustic technologies enable device-to-device communications, giving customers the ability to connect multiple assets in the formation of subsea swarm networks.

Among the best in ocean tech.

Acoubit is proud to be among the first accepted into the ocean technology incubator, Start-Up Yard at COVE. Located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, COVE is a collaborative facility for applied innovation in the ocean sector.

COVE brings together people, ideas, industry and research to help the community and members to work in new ways. Together, we are a catalyst in creating the world’s next practical, commercial and revolutionary ocean tech advances.

COVE's mission is to propel the ocean economy by providing high quality marine infrastructure and a collaborative space in which a community of ocean enterprises can start, grow and prosper. Its primary goal is to support ocean technology commercialization.

Located in what was once the Canadian Coast Guard facility on Halifax Harbour, this hub is home to local and global ocean technology businesses, post-secondary institutions, researchers, and marine-based and service businesses that support the ocean sector. The COVE site features extensive marine facilities with two large, deep-water piers, office space, an incubator and space for shops and labs.

You can learn more about COVE by clicking here.

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